Become one of the world's first Borderless citizens with just a couple mouse clicks.

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The software lives on the Expanse Blockchain
as a DAPP that is free from any central point of failure.


Services function as programmed without any
possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party

Globally Accessible

Anywhere you can connect to the internet
you can manage your citizenship.

Cost Efficient

All service fee's are voluntary around the globe
and tax deductible in the US.
Citizens only need a small amount of EXP
to cover the computational cost of the DAPP.

About Borderless Technology

The world's best governance platform built for a hyper-connected planet.

Borderless Citizenship ID

A cryptographically secure identification system that serves as the foundation for everyone of the Borderless Technology Services.

Borderless Marriage

A tolerant marriage registry that allows any two consenting citizens the ability to confirm their marriage's existence on the blockchain.

Borderless Web of Trust

In order for Borderless citizens to transact between each other with confidence, a decentralized web of trust system is provided and its use encouraged.

Borderless Nation Creation

No matter if you are an established nation with millions of citizens or a private nation with just two citizens, Borderless can help you cut service cost so you can better serve your citizens.

Borderless Public Notary

A registry that stores cryptographic hashes for virtual documents so that you can mathematically prove the existence of said document on the Expanse blockchain.

Borderless Asset Registry

A registry that gives Borderless citizens the opporunity to add liquidity to their property by registerting it as an asset on the Expanse blockchain.

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Core Team

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Christopher Franko

Founder and CEO

An experienced cryptocurrency developer with expert level knowledge of blockchain technology, Chris has a diverse understanding of the industry, and a long standing reputation in the community.

Daniel Conway

Co-Developer / Engineer

Dan is a blockchain technology advocate and developer, providing consultancy for a number of projects and companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space.

James Clayton

Community Manager

James is a crypto currency analyst, investor, and enthusiast who is founder one of the largest active communities for Cryptocurrency discussion in the world. An experienced community manager, James serves on the teams of multiple well established blockchain technology projects.

Marcia Danzeisen

Marketing Strategy

Marcia Danzeisen has led marketing and strategy for some of the largest banks and financial services technology companies in the world. An accomplished writer, Danzeisen saw how crypto currency and blockchain technology have changed the traditional FinTech world and immersed herself into the space.

Sandro Ieva

Art Director

Sandro has worked with several blockchain companies from around the world. He is skilled with visual conceptualization and design. An expert at creating interfaces, websites, motion graphics, 3D, and creative art.

Dave Wyrm

Official Forum Guru

Keen on technology and deployment of community expanding software, Dave is a community and blockchain enthusiast with many years experience in forum and community moderation.